Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bean bags!

Because of the move across country, leaving my job and not immediately moving into a new one, and living on an enlisted budget, I have been working on ways to cut back. And what easier and more loving way than making handmade gifts! I finished these little beauties last week just in time for my nephew's 3rd birthday-unfortunately they did not get to him in time due to a mail mix up, so I am reshipping them!

I used this tutorial from for the basic pattern, with one little tweak-I decided to do appliques on both sides of the bean bags. He is at that age where he is starting to know letters and numbers by sight, so I thought why not help with both!

Here are a couple of photos:
The front is his name.

And the back are the numbers 1-5.

I LOVED this tutorial. It was an amazingly easy pattern to follow, plus I made all of the bean bags out of leftover material, ribbon I got on sale and navy beans from the grocery store for around $1.50.

I will definitely be posting more of my craft-ventures soon, but until then: Happy crafting!

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