Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Newly established KNIT-wit

I always have loved sewing, and when I was 12 my mom offered to teach me how to crochet. I liked the idea of one hook better than two needles, so I jumped at the chance! Because my mom does pretty much every type of needlework known to man, I knew I was in good hands learning from her. I completed my first crocheted scarf when I was 15, which I gave to Daniel for Christmas that year, and then I worked on various other projects through high school and college. My freshmen year of college a bunch of girls I shared a dorm with knitted, so when we weren't studying I would hunker down with them and work on new patterns. I always resisted knitting because the idea seemed so complicated. No hook to pull yarn through loops with? Leaving a whole mess of stitches on the needle? TOO messy.

Fast forward to two weeks ago: Des'ola Gunter, a photographer and a very dear friend here in CT, sent me a message with a link to a knitted baby sling with a question: "Can you make this if I bought the pattern?" Des suggested if I could make it, then she would love to use it as a prop for our newborn photo shoot when Little O gets here in a few months. It was now that I finally gave knitting a chance! I knew that I couldn't get exactly what I wanted in a crochet pattern, and with the broad options knitting seemed to hold, I figured with all the time I have now I may as well see if I can give this a shot.

I will never be so thankful to have been pushed out of my element in crafting as I am now! I completed my first knitted scarf in three days, and I already have plans for Christmas and birthday gifts using yarn. Here a couple of images of the scarf:

I fell in love with this ocean-like yarn!

I really like the pattern of the stitches too. The rows switch in and out naturally-gotta love self working textures ;)

I look forward to posting more projects soon! Happy crafting.

Bean bags!

Because of the move across country, leaving my job and not immediately moving into a new one, and living on an enlisted budget, I have been working on ways to cut back. And what easier and more loving way than making handmade gifts! I finished these little beauties last week just in time for my nephew's 3rd birthday-unfortunately they did not get to him in time due to a mail mix up, so I am reshipping them!

I used this tutorial from for the basic pattern, with one little tweak-I decided to do appliques on both sides of the bean bags. He is at that age where he is starting to know letters and numbers by sight, so I thought why not help with both!

Here are a couple of photos:
The front is his name.

And the back are the numbers 1-5.

I LOVED this tutorial. It was an amazingly easy pattern to follow, plus I made all of the bean bags out of leftover material, ribbon I got on sale and navy beans from the grocery store for around $1.50.

I will definitely be posting more of my craft-ventures soon, but until then: Happy crafting!

I'm back!

After a 6 month unintentional hiatus, I am BACK! Thank goodness; I am in desperate need of a diversion right now, and crafting is just the thing :)

In the past months we have been busy in the O house. I graduated from nursing school and passed my NCLEX, we moved all of my stuff across the country, Daniel and I live together in the same house now, AND last but not least we are getting ready to welcome a baby girl into our family this December! WHEW! So, in addition to trying to find a job, which has been slow-going, I am doing a LOT of sewing, needlework and decorating.

And now without further ado, I present to you just what I have been up to...

More posts to come. Happy crafting!